Strange Pizza, strange beer

diet mountain dew, baby, new york city.

jamie i love you forever in a gay way and a non gay way okay im typing just fine right now. youre gonnan accept my compliment and see this when you see this and i love youo. is tha okay? is cait gona be mad? i dont know how to spell her name. cate or cait. whatevber. i love you. you’re ginger and fine. and she’s lucky. and you’re lucky. :))))

go and pour some more

—on my dick so sweet

i apoligize

for my last haiku. it wasn’t an american haiku, it was westernized, so fuck off all

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this sounds good

sometimes a penis

is just a penis

always a penis

you know who i like

katie, shes so funny. but sometimes she tells you to put fingers down. what a dick


i poop

tits are tits

dicks are dicks

dont smoke

because then you spend 10 dollars a day on cigs. if you do that, you’re basically port. 

shamus john tirney might as well be the kid that eats paste. indiana jones he runs from boulders.

helo tumblr

am i the only person who doesnt drink when they smoke. look sometimes my penis is hard, and somtimes it isnt. if you like smoking you might as well like cancer. cancer is bad. cancer kills. cancer wants people to die. cancer is against drinking. if you drink you are pro anti cancer. sometimes, anti - cancer is good. esl spanish is a program i am not involved with, i think it has to do with limited spanish ialiect, one nipple is better than no nipples. joey, you do count. because tits are tits, these are my tits, they dont feed my young yet. but when they do, listen son, if yourmother does not let us name you indiana, do know, that indiana was your intended name. your mom probably wanted to name you something gay, like elliot, or samuel. look kid, i wanted you to be named indiana or han. harrison ford is the best actor in the world. i might name your harrison, i’m going to push for that. harrison is an agreeble name an coinsides with indie and han. shamus is for hairy burly kids who have no friends.